Productivity Improvement

No strategic plan is complete without a strong tactical plan to support it. Good processes are the key to long-term success; the use of operational best practices is the key to more immediate results.

Armed with a deep knowledge of best practices and their impact on the bottom line, symptoms we analyze the flow of product and its related activities from the time you order it, receive it, put it away, replenish it, route it, select it, load it, and deliver it to your customers. We identify improvement opportunities in:

  • Supply chain / logistics;
  • Material flow and warehouse floor plans;
  • Slotting and space utilization;
  • Material handling methods;
  • Inventory management and control;
  • Accuracy and error rates;
  • Equipment utilization and routing; and
  • Key performance metrics for inbound, outbound and transportation.

Based on our findings, we work with you to prioritize next steps, establish internal ownership, develop cross-functional involvement, and facilitate implementation of solutions that will improve productivity and remove inefficiencies that are adding unnecessary costs to your operating expenses.